Papers & Citation

Papers & Citation#

Use of AbacusSummit should cite at least the following two papers:

  • AbacusSummit: a massive set of high-accuracy, high-resolution N-body simulations, Maksimova et al. (2021) (describes the simulation suite), and

  • The abacus cosmological N-body code, Garrison et al. (2021) (describes the code).

Users of the AbacusSummit CompaSO halo catalogs (which will be most AbacusSummit users) should additionally cite:

  • CompaSO: A new halo finder for competitive assignment to spherical overdensities, Hadzhiyska et al. (2021) (the CompaSO group finding method)

Users of the AbacusSummit halo light cone catalogs should cite:

  • The halo light cone catalogues of AbacusSummit, Hadzhiyska et al. (2021) (the generation of halo catalogs on the light cone)

Users of the AbacusSummit merger trees should cite:

  • Constructing high-fidelity halo merger trees in abacussummit, Bose et al. (2022) (the merger tree method)

Users of the AbacusHOD module (AbacusHOD) should cite:

  • AbacusHOD: a highly efficient extended multitracer HOD framework and its application to BOSS and eBOSS data, Yuan et al. (2021)

Additional citations of Abacus (which might be used when a work goes beyond just using AbacusSummit data products and is discussing the Abacus code itself) are:

Other Abacus citations may be requested as we publish more of the numerical methods.

A related series of papers investigating the accuracy of Abacus and N-body simulations in general using scale-free simulations may be of interest as well:

  • Accuracy of power spectra in dissipationless cosmological simulations, Maleubre et al. (2022) (likewise assesses the accuracy of power spectra)

  • Self-similarity of k-nearest neighbour distributions in scale-free simulations, Garrison, Abel, and Eisenstein (2021)

  • Good and proper: self-similarity of N-body simulations with proper force softening, Garrison et al. (2021) (validates the force softening scheme using scale-free simulations)

  • Quantifying resolution in cosmological N-body simulations using self-similarity, Joyce et al. (2021) (describes accuracy tests using scale-free simulations)